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Unikatne in ročno izdelane torbe in nahrbtniki By Anja


Welcome to my online store. You are invited to view the bags and backpacks that I design, sew and present by myself. All bags are unique and handmade. They are made to order and I don’t have them in stock.

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of creating and creating products. My path to adulthood was not creatively marked, so at the age of 36 I decided to go back to those childhood days and start creating the products I had dreamed of as a little girl. I got my first glimpse when I wanted to have specific goods on my home pillows and I went to the nearest meter store and started sewing. Of course, I was extremely enthusiastic about the product and proudly displayed it. Since all the pillows were decorated with a marine pattern and I still had quite a few goods left, I decided it would be interesting to have a beach bag in the same pattern :). During this time, my younger neighbors also celebrated their birthday and persuaded me to try to make a backpack for them with faux leather and strings. So they created a pattern they liked and the backpacks were crated by me.

And so the story with handbags and backpacks called Homemade Bags With Love began. The name was chosen by my son and it was imprinted on my heart and creative soul <3.

Each bag, backpack or bag is created in collaboration with the customer. Following the framework idea (desired shape) of the customer, together we look at the colors of the material I have available and determine the line order and color lines that you want and we create the combination that is your favorite. Throughout the process, the customer is involved, as I send pictures and together we determine the details :).

Most of the shapes of bags and backpacks, we have redesigned together to create a new shape and color combination, so I am always open to suggestions and if I am able to make your wishes come true, I will be happy to. So I like to tell my customers that I am always available to them, in case there is any problem with the product :) just let me know!

My wish is for your purse or backpack to draw a smile on your face when you put them on.

Homemade Bags With Love (*Domača izdelava torb z ljubeznijo*), Anja

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